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Friday, March 23, 2012

Radio Meet and Pillowcases

 Today Scott and I attended the AWA meet in Charlotte NC. We normally take a lot of pictures but this year Scott took one... yep just one of this vintage TV. AWA stands for Antique Wireless Association; we've been going for YEARS! Since Greg was about 4 years old... WOW 21 years. Scott was saying at the meet... "Gosh these people are getting older"... guess what Babe so are we... I suppose he forgot to check the mirror this morning. Scott was able to find the tubes he needed for a project he has in mind and we sold a few things but once it got hot and we started to burn we decided to call it a day; packed everything up and went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. I took a photo as we came into Columbia. The air is so heavy with pollen and we are so glad that it's to rain tonight to wash some of it away.
Once we got home and unloaded we took a nice nap.
Columbia, SC - USA
This evening I went through my "Novelty" tub of fabric and pulled out these 20 prints for the pillowcase project for next months FNSI. I'll post more about this over the weekend as I make a few pillowcases.  Maybe I'll get Scott to video tape me making one or two to show how to do the "Hot Dog Pillowcase" method found at The Conkerr Cancer site.

And that's about "it" for today -Enjoy your Friday Night!


  1. That radio is awesome!

  2. It is so cool and interesting to me how many things/hobbies/interests/skills exist out there in the world that I have absolutely no idea about. We are diverse people which is so awesome. There are so many neat and varied experiences to have in this world. I am glad to learn of the AWA and that you have such a long standing tradition with it. Very cool.


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