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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A Tree Trimmer taking out some tree's in our "woodland" area.
I don't know why... maybe it's the air filled with pollen that makes it hard to breath and my eyes to itch like crazy... or maybe it was that US Marshal arrest raid 2 houses down last night... or maybe it's the tree trimmers that have been cutting on all my shade in the back yard. Whatever it is I AM GRUMPY!
My beautiful Chestnut tree "before" from my kitchen window
The tree worker doing his best to take the top out of my chestnut
I tried for a nap but there really is no way of doing that with chain saws blasting and a chipper grinding away. I have taken a Zyrtec for the allergies and I am relieved the Marshall's caught someone that was wanted in 3 cities.... BUT I need some sleep BAD! I'm glad this is a "short" week.
The tree "AFTER" the trim job all the weight is now on one side AGAIN.
I was offered a promotion today but it would be all nights and weekends and it would be Management and I said, "THANKS... but no thanks". I'm happy where I am and don't ever what the title "Manager" again. I'm hoping to actually cut back on working in another year and do more for my family from home once more. And I am hoping we can move to our land by the time I'm 50... 2 years.


  1. Oh I hate when the tree trimmers come thru, in our area usually along the power lines, and take all the beauty and shade!
    WOW, the Marshals were in your hood? Scary, to think who they caught...
    I agree with you on the Manager I was a Bank Manager (as my career) and they can't pay me enough now with banking policies and broke people who have no clue on balancing a check ever be a Manager ...and believe me various banks have tried / begged to employ me.....No, Thanks!!! sigh
    Here is hoping you get some must needed rest...

  2. That sounds like a promotion worth turning down. Your plans sound lovely....much lovelier than management!

    When we were moving out of the rental house we saw a young man get tackled and handcuffed right next door (he wasn't our neighbor but was apparently sneaking down our alley to try and give the cops the slip). I'd never seen a cop move to fast. I'd also never seen someone tackled like that. But, it was during the day and only distracted me briefly from moving furniture...not from sleeping.

    I hope your day improves and that tonight is MUCH quieter!

  3. Hope you are feeling better today. Two years is not very long, that will be awesome. B

  4. Becky sorry to hear you had a grumpy day! It has something about living in town with all the noise its hard to find peace. I hope you and hubby get to move to the country soon. When we got to where you both are we put our house, in town up for sale and let happen...happen. 6 weeks later the house sold and we were living in a 5th wheel in the country. A big step but we made it and my prayers are you and Scott can make your dreams come soon.


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