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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Square pegs

I've always felt a bit out of place in life; never really fitting in like everyone else.  The proverbial square peg in a world of round pegs that fit easily into their place and position in life. But over the years I've found that square pegs actually fit better together - shoulder to shoulder through life never fitting in with the "in crowd" and always three dimensional in nature. Truly unique in their own right and willing to listen to another point of you whether they agreed with it or not. Always able to discuss topics without tirade or tantrum. Square pegs always make the best listeners and tend to always have creative minds. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with all the round pegs - life works for them as they are and they are happy with their lives. But square pegs challenge the World and always ask WHY? HOW? and WHAT? ... "Why does it have to be done that way?"..... " How can we do this differently to make it our own?".....  "What makes your way the only way?"

I've also felt misplaced in time as well... why was I born in the Era I was... why couldn't I have been born long ago. It's like my soul isn't happy in this era in time.  I've always developed friendships with people older than myself - perhaps that comes from being raised by my Grandma who was in her late 50's when she took me in. Maybe it was because my Great-Aunts were some of my best "playmates". I'm not sure. It's not that I am in anyway unhappy with my life now just sometimes... I don't know... just sometimes I feel "out of time."

And this my friends is where my brain goes when my body aches and complains. I will be back tomorrow with a more creative and productive post...promise.


  1. : ) Thanks for stopping by B! I'm so excited for your upcoming Adventure! I'm sure you two are going to have a blast!


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