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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The weekend thus far....

My "weekend" is basically Friday and Saturday with half a day with Scott on Sunday. So lets start with yesterday (Friday)...
I finally got the 20x20-inch crazy square sewn together and put into an envelope to go to the first person in the Crazy Quilt Round Robin; Diane in Maine will add the first bit of decorative stitching. My Crazy block is all done in fine corduroy and I'm looking forward to seeing what each person adds to it. When it returns home I will make it into a pillow. I also did some sewing on one of the 12 1/2-inch blocks but have messed up and have to rip it apart as I pieced a section incorrectly. I'll fix that tomorrow. And I did 6 loads of laundry - that was Friday.

This morning I started the day with picking all the green tomatoes and any that had started to turn red. The turning ones will just set on the kitchen counter until they are red and ready to eat. The green ones will be made into Chow Chow. Scott and I spent the rest of the morning getting some of the other ingredients. We went to the State Farmers Market and got onions, bell peppers, hot peppers and some sweet potatoes (those don't go in the Chow Chow). Then we stopped at 4 different stores looking for horse radish root - finally found it and was shocked at the price - $4.99/lb.
Tesla and Nicholas

Almost forgot I also made mixed fruit muffins for part of breakfast. I was wondering what was holding Scott to the bed and when he came out to the kitchen I went back to get my robe and found the problem...

He had two heavy weights holding him under the covers.

Now I think I will share the most precious part of the weekend; my son and his girl all dresses to attend a shipmates wedding reception. Aren't they adorable?
Rachel and Greg
Greg always makes such odd facial expressions in pictures. Can you tell he is a Joker?

 The Fall temps have really brought on some BEAUTIFUL colors in our yard and I had to go around and find the most spectacular of them to share...

Holly Berries


Hawthorne Cherry

Scott with the Japanese Red Maple

Confederate Rose that blooms outside my sewing room window.


  1. What stunning photos. And what a beautiful photo of your son and his girl!

  2. Oh I wish you were looking for horseradish I could have dug some out of the garden for you...for FREE. Sounds like a nice weekend!


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