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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October - Halloween

Uncle Ray, me as devil, and my cousins - Heather, Jon Paul and Peggy Sue
It's finally starting to feel like Fall here; I love this time of year when no A/C or heat is needed. We will put off turning the house heat on for as long as possible and will utilize our electric space heater in the room we are using and just layer the clothes on. It's the perfect time of year for sewing as I can finally have the iron on for pressing and not sweat to death standing over it. Time to create the Christmas crafting list - perhaps each sibling will get a kitchen or bath basket of hand crafted items. Time to put on my thinking cap.

And my favorite Holiday is just a few weeks away.... HALLOWEEN! The above picture was taken in the 60's on a Halloween night when Uncle Ray had taken the four of us trick-or-treating.


  1. Neat photo.

    I look forward to fall so that I can cook soup and bake bread whenever I feel like without having to make poor Matt wilt. He is always hotter than I am no matter the season, but finds an oven in the summer nearly unbearable. I don't mind it myself.

    Happy sewing!

  2. It's my favourite time of year too Becky, but we are going in the opposite direction embarking on Spring followed closely by a very hot summer. I'm thinking of Christmas presents that I can make too.

  3. Spring has always been my favorite, but Fall is gaining ground. I've had the A/C off for several weeks and shouldn't have to rev up the furnace for some time. I love saving $ on utilities - well, on anything.

    Thanks for sharing your moments.

    brenda from arkansas


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