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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'll Sleep Well Tonight

Scott had a WONDERFUL first day - they even kept him an hour and a half over to pull him into a meeting. YEAH! Made for a long day for him but he seems quite pleased with it all so far.

There is such a lovely shower happening at the moment; I just had to capture a bit and share it with you all. In the video as I move left you will see "The Project House" at the top of our street... it's been empty and in remodel for years. Many people have gone broke trying to fix it. Every time one runs out of money and the workers disappear we say, "NEXT". This was a cute house BEFORE the original crew hacked into it. It's a "Buyer Beware" house that will never be right again.

The house next door is in foreclosure and we wonder how long it will be before the Bank has a "For Sale" sign in front of it. Scott parks over there so it doesn't look so empty; the people from the Bank's Maintenance crew said that we could. It's a lovely house that had a beautiful remodel done about 6 years ago. It won't stay on the market long once it's listed. Well as I'm typing this post someone just pulled up and took pictures of said house. HHMMm... GREAT DAY FOR REALTOR PHOTOGRAPHS! Won't that listing look SMASHING?

I'm so looking forward to the weekend and seeing my family again on Saturday Evening at Ronda and Kevins'. Kevin will cook a whole pig and they'll have some wonderful side dishes - Kevin's a Chef. LUCKY SISTER! Scott's a pretty mean cook too.... TWO LUCKY GALS!

I found out today that from now until Christmas I will be working Sunday through Thursday and my "weekend" will be Friday and Saturday.  It will make for a "short" weekend with my DH but it will give me a day to sew in a quiet house. ; ) Lot's of time to get Christmas gifts made.

Have a good evening.


  1. Happy Dance for Scott liking his new job! Your weekends from your job is the best of both worlds..
    Love the rain video...

  2. I had to drive home in that rain and I didn't enjoy it until I got home and snug in the house.

    Very happy for Scott!

  3. I love beautiful rain, such a nice time to feel all cozy inside!

  4. I am so happy to hear that Scott's new job is going well! Awesome!

    And anyone who has a partner that is a good cook is quite lucky indeed! Matt taught me basically all I know about cooking!

  5. I'm glad to hear Scott had a great day. :-)

    It's raining here right now. Pouring in fact. I'm loving listening to it.

  6. I am so happy to hear about Scott's day! I hope every day goes that well for him.

    My best friend is a realtor, and one day she was sick and sent ME out to photograph a new listing (foreclosure) that she had just gotten. It was fun as I got to peek in the windows, etc. The next week she got to go inside and invited me in. We took pictures for the bank as we *carefully* tried to dodge the roaches on the floors. This was in August, and the house was just listed two days ago!!! The bank decided that since the house was in a prestigious area they would repainnt and re-carpet the house, and it took all this time.

    I can tell you that they have to do a "trash-out" first (getting rid of any personal property left in the house). If the owners left anything behind worth over $350, the bank will have to do a "property eviction". I went along for one listing in July and that house is still not listed because of the property eviction (junk vehicle on property.)

    The pics will be retaken after the trash out, then the bank might decide to do repairs before it is listed. It still might be a while. You will see the locksmith crew, then the realtor, then the cleaning crew. If there is no complication or repair order, it could be listed in a week or two. The realtor will post signs in the windows with their contact info before it is even listed, and you could call him or her to get information on the listing. Neighbors call my friend all the time.

    There can be a ton of issues that come up once a buyer is found, too, but I won't detail them here. You can always email me if you want to know more.

    The project house sounds like it should be a foreclosure, or a super-cheap as-is sale. Wow. What on earth happened to it?

    You hit on a subject that I am knowledgable about and very interested in. My friend always says I should be the realtor!

  7. Oh I am happy Scott is doing well. I think Friday and Saturday are good weekend days. More time with family yeah.
    I can't wait till winter around here when things will slow down and I can catch up on all the posts I have been missing. Take care enjoy your weekend. B

  8. Laura - The "Project House" was originally hacked into my members of a Church - they were "FIXING IT UP" for their Preacher. And it went down hill from there. MANY people have tried to "FIX" the mess but it remains incomplete and empty.

    The house next door had the note put in the window months ago and then about a month after that they came out and changed all the locks and put MORE notes in windows. Whats REALLY strange is the people that walked away from it have been back recently to take things out of the back yard - they've been "gone" since January. We weren't sure if we should notify the Police or not - we've never lived near a house thats gone through this process before.

    You REALLY SHOULD get your Realtor's license - you'd make a GREAT one.


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