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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Evening

I think this sweater would make a lovely addition to my wardrobe. I've added it to my mental list of things to make for myself - the list that rarely gets any attention. I find I end up making things and giving them away to others; do you do this?  I need to make more things for myself more often.

I had a lovely nap after lunch but I'll be calling it an early evening as well. This morning I worked steady at putting out most of the Christmas baking items that came on the truck yesterday as well as a direct vendor shipment that came a few days ago. Dean and I worked and worked and still had one u-boat full of product that needs to make it to the sales floor. Perhaps tomorrow I will get that done; unless they change the plan like they always do from one discussion to the next. To top all the freight off tomorrow is a District wide Manager's meeting and it's to be held in OUR STORE so all the South East Managers will be there. I can all ready feel the stress tomorrow will hold and I'm SO GLAD that I am NOT a Manager. OH and tomorrow we are to get another close to 1000 case shipment... FUN! I guess there won't be anytime to get bored; right? I'm thinking I'd like a few days off... SOON! I just requested November 18-21 and Nov. 26th off - I hope they approve it; I need a REAL break.


  1. Oh Becky I do hope you get that time off. Think about after Christmas that is when everything slows down and you will get bored. :) B

  2. I was exhausted just reading about your schedule, lol!!!
    Like you I tend to make things to give away to others...I guess it's just the way we are :-)


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