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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday has rolled around again...

I decided to wait until tomorrow to grind up the green tomatoes , onions and peppers so that I could have all day Wednesday to process the Chow Chow. The vegetables have to set in the fridge over night with salt on them before you mix up all the rest of the ingredients and can it. I'm off Wednesday this week because they've decided to switch my schedule all around again and I'm not going in until 7 again this morning. I'll return to 5 AM starts on Thursday when my direct boss returns from his vacation. They have approved my long weekend off in mid-November and I've all ready found one thing I want to do that Friday. I want to go to the State Museum to see "Uncommon Folk". An Exhibit that is right up my alley!I'll take my camera and if photos are aloud I will take some to share.

Scott and I have also been talking about taking a weekend away to hike and see waterfalls in the Upstate as it has to be stunning in the Fall. And a couple days "out of Dodge" would be fantastic. Just have to make sure that Greg remembers to feed the animals while we are away.

And I'd love a day at the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens before it gets too cold to enjoy it. My sister gave me a Membership for Christmas last year and I need to use it. That would pretty much fill up those 4 days off. Lots of fun stuff!

Well it's time to get ready for work so I'll wish you all a wonderful day and will check in later today.

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