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Friday, October 07, 2011

A WONDERFUL Thank you!

I received a lovely Thank you from the Mother of the 12 year old that won my hand crafted gift basket that I donated to my Hometown for their Flood recovery effort.
 "This note is to Becky - -  (I do believe I have seen you post on this Page and also post a picture of the gift basket you donated to Floodfest.) This afternoon our phone rang and the person was calling for our 12-year-old daughter. She wasn't home so I asked to take a message and that's when I was told she won a gift basket from Floodfest! I contacted my husband and told him to surprise her and stop on the way home from her game to pick up the basket. They did, and when she got home she was very excited to go through everything! She has generously shared the dish clothes, potholders, and table runner with me. Everything else she's kept for herself - lol - ! 
First, I wanted to THANK YOU for sending this basket to Greene in order to help raise funds for those that lost so much. I know you are a former Greene resident and just like "neighbors helping neighbors" people never forget where they were either raised or lived as an adult and tend to help out when your hometown needs it. Greene has been my hometown for all but three years of my life. When we moved away (during my Middle School years) and then my parents realized we would not be staying in the town we moved to my mother refused to let us move anywhere but back to Greene. Part of that was because of how she moved so much as a child (and she knew that wouldn't be fair to me to do the same) but I know that another part of that decision was because she knew Greene was a great place to live.

Second, I do believe this gift will instill a bit of hometown pride in our daughter and to also teach her the values that you obviously have. Her Dad and I talked with her about how extra nice it is for people that don't even live here anymore to help out our neighbors and friends.

In closing, I want to THANK YOU again for sending the donation and helping out Greene, NY. My daughter is happy, I'm happy, and her Dad and I are happy that we are raising our children in such a great town!"


  1. Isn't it wonderful to give when we have so little..then..receive such a nice gratitude card from those that receive...Keep Your Goodness Flowing!
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~~

  2. From giving you receive. Was lovely that you were thanked for what you generously gave.


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