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Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Fun Stuff

At Michael's crafts we sell a kit to make plaster ornaments of babies hand prints or animal paw prints and I am thinking about getting a kit to do the cats and dogs prints. But then I got to thinking there has to be a "free" way to do this as well and so I went looking and found this recipe... ornament-and-handprint-clay

And for something that looks SUPER fun and Science oriented check out these homemade Lava Lamps I want to do this sometime when I have some "littles" visiting.

I'll keep looking for more fun things to do from now til Christmas as well as posting some family favorite recipes along the way.

I got up at 5:30 this morning and did some quiet straightening up so the fellas could sleep a bit longer. And then made a pork chop and scrambled egg breakfast. Then more piddling about; lunch and a nap... now to buy groceries. YUCK! I HATE SHOPPING! I know weird for a woman huh?


  1. My wife hates grocery shopping also so maybe it's not so weird. Clothes shopping a different story!

  2. I REALLY hate clothes shopping - hate the styles, fit, smells - I would rather make my clothes so I guess it's good that I know how. ; )

  3. I really don't like shopping either. I do it because I have to. Am not much into clothes or shoe shopping either to be honest!

  4. Believe it or not I am one of those women that loves to grocery shop...hate to clothes shop the prices depress me. I do look at grocery shopping as an where I can save money I guess I like a challenge!

    Make you a deal...I will do your grocery shopping and you can make me clothes:)

  5. I am so going to make lava lamps when my niece and nephew visit! That would be a fun little science project!

    I dislike to clothes shop and feel I have enough already so I just don't do it really. I will take a gander at the thrift store though when we happen to be going there for something else.

    I don't care to grocery shop either. Matt does it almost all solo. I don't hate or love it....but it works better schedule wise for Matt to do it which draws no complaint here.

    I really enjoy shopping the farmer's market though.


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