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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Little Extras from the Weekend

Scott got the second coat of paint on this set of windows

Pin Corduroy all pre-washed and ready to be made into a crazy quilt block to send around in a Round Robin to have other gals stitch some fun stuff on it before it returns home and I turn it into a pillow. The colors are a little off; they are actually much deeper in jewel tones.

Kathryn's Fall Round Robin with my two borders added - next it will go on to Anne. I still have Diane's RR that needs one more border and then I will send it on to Kathryn and she in turn will add her bits and send it on to Anne before it goes back to Diane. These are just loads of fun.

OH... and I worked 5 AM to a little after Noon today. Got to be to work at 4 AM tomorrow so I better go "hit the hay". Take care, be safe and HAVE FUN in life!


  1. Great work accomplished for both of you.

    I can't believe you have to get up that early to go to work at Michael's. Sheesh!


  2. It actually works out good as we aren't trying to put freight out with customer's on the sales floor. We aren't making a mess when everyone wants to shop and we aren't having to stop to walk a customer to a product either. It's a win win... tomorrow all the Christmas trees come in as well as the bulbs and I can't remember what else. LOTS!

  3. A great idea to make a shared quilt.

  4. Becky, have a good week! Love the fabrics you chose..

  5. Becky, I love the quilt top! Great colors and design!


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