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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So I won't Forget

This post is for me to remember how I made these AWESOME Enchilada's tonight...

Becky's Amazing Enchiladas

Brown 1 lb of ground beef in a large skillet

Once browned completely add 1 pkg Taco Seasoning - HOT & SPICY variety
 and 2/3 cup water and stir well.

Then add 1 can (16ozs) of re-fried beans and stir well.

Remove from heat.

Shred about 1 to two cups of cheddar cheese.

Preheat oven to 375*

While oven is heating spread about 1/3 of a 19oz can of MILD Enchilada Sauce into a pan about 13x9".

Then start preparing the Enchiladas... Take one 6" white corn tortilla and spread some of the meat mixture down the center and top with a little of the cheddar cheese and roll up. Then place the roll into the prepared 13x9" pan. Continue forming rolls with the white corn tortillas until meat mixture is used up and pan is full. Top with the remaining enchilada sauce and shredded cheddar. Bake in oven for about 30 minutes.

So DELICIOUS! If you can't handle HOT just use a mild taco seasoning mix instead of the hot & spicy. We like hot stuff but that's just "how we roll".

We REALLY enjoyed the white corn tortilla's and I still have over half a bag left in the fridge. I'm thinking they'd taste GREAT with cheesy scrambled eggs as well. And they are so inexpensive. We also love them in chicken noodle soup. And Quesadilla's would be SUPER easy as well. My mind is spinning with ideas. What are some ways you use White Corn Tortillas?

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  1. Oh My do you deliver? I Love those type foods and reading the post made me hungry!
    Thanks for Sharing your's going on next weeks menu, have to buy ingredients first...
    ~~Sending Good Vibrations~~


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