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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My Weekdays

3:56 AM - Sweet Husband cooking breakfast
4:31 AM Popping the locks on my car
4:50 AM arriving at work
11:40 AM pulling back out of the parking space heading home.
Home for lunch and a nap and then it's time for dinner.


  1. I like this photo timeline. I do not like having to be at work when it is still dark out. Working at a craft store must be dangerous for such a crafty person!

  2. You have a fabulous husband! Can he have a talk with mine? ;-)

  3. How sweet of your DH to fix your breakfast. I didn't realize that you work at Michael's. I worked at a craft store many, many years ago and I loved it. Although, we were not open at night, and didn't have to be in to work as early as you are.

    Love and hugs to the both of you,


  4. The store actually opens at 9 AM but I'm part of the Replenishment team and we are in early to make sure everything is stocked and other merchandise handling jobs - setting plan-o-grams, price changes, etc... Tomorrow morning we will be getting about 1000 cases of merchandise to the sales floor by 10:30 AM... perhaps faster as the new people are catching on.

  5. Great post Becky! Before I visited the US this year a friend told me about 'Michaels'. I visited quite a few and bought lots of items especially knitting yarn :-)I can see how busy being in the replishment team would be!

  6. Sounds extremely tiring the hours you keep. Does your time clock adjust? When I used to do night shifts I never felt I got enough sleep.

  7. Working at Michaels might be a very dangerous job for my pocketbook:) But having a crafty spirit I thank you for making sure the shelves are all stocked!

  8. Paul;
    I do just fine with the early mornings - prefer them actually. What really will get to me is when they have me work overnights and then switch back to the early mornings all in the same week. I usually catch a short nap after lunch each day.


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