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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Glad for "Ingredients"

We are between checks and are not really sure when Scotts' first check will hit the bank and the account is quite sad at the moment BUT I have "INGREDIENTS". So no bother that we are out of bread - I'll make some! I really enjoy my Kitchen Aide mixer and let it  do all the kneading for me. Especially after the work load I had at my job this morning - worked 4 AM to 10:30 - straight. I've added a tablespoon of flax seed as we really love the flavor and it's good for us.

For someone that has been awake since 2 AM I'm full of energy so I'm going to bake up some snacks as well... perhaps a batch of brownies for coffee breaks is in order or some sugar cookies... decisions decisions.

I also have a sewing list that is growing daily that I really need to jump onto and tackle so perhaps a little of that will also be in my afternoon.

The list to the left is just the sewing I need to get done for the gals in my online quilter's group. Lots of 12 1/2- inch blocks. The highlighted ones are the ones that have been completed and mailed to those gals.

The bread is rising now so I guess I will go pull out some fabric and see what I can check off that list.


  1. This must be the day for baking bread! I have 3 loaves rising and waiting to go in the oven, and then a second batch I'll make into hamburger buns. I used to buy the cheap-o bread at the store, but I'm guessing they're using a different baker because the bread just isn't the same. So, I just make my own bread now.
    I can also sympathize with the low bank account. Monday is pay day and I'm having to be very creative and frugal for meals. It's amazing, the meals you can come up with when going through the pantry and finding stuff you forgot about!
    I'm also making some Halloween cupcakes for the kids (well, and my husband, too!), and I have some bananas ready to be made into muffins for breakfast.
    Busy, busy!

  2. You are SO industrious! i sympathize with you on the long, very early hours you are working. i suppose there will not be much let-up until after Christmas?
    i, too, need to get started on Christmas sewing. i am wanting to make quilted table runners for my 4 daughters and as a new quilter i am looking for inspiration. Any ideas?

  3. This is bread day at our home too! Were in the same boat as y'all with the waiting for happy we have a food supply in pantry..sure helps for days/weeks/months like this....
    I haven't even given Holiday gifts a thought..and usually I'm done by Halloween...sigh...
    times are a changin and we can only do what we can do...

  4. Homemade bread is so wonderful. I let my bread machine do all the work while I am doing other things.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  5. Nothing as good for the soul (and a bank account) then the smell of bread baking!

  6. Sounds like a busy morning! There is nothing better than the smell of fresh bread and cookies. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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