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Sunday, October 23, 2011

They're Just Weeds

They may be "just weeds" but they are still beautiful in their full ripeness...
Scott (Husband) with Amelia
We are battling the fleas "Still" and are trying yet another squeeze on the back of the neck remedy on the dogs. Poor Amelia  has very little hair at the moment and we are worried that she won't have enough to stay warm outside as the weather turns colder. So we applied the stuff and then took them for a walk. Amelia will roll and roll if we don't walk her and in less than 30 minutes she will have it all rubbed off. Hopefully this stuff will work.

I worked this morning and came home and we have just taken it easy this afternoon. I cooked a simple meal of baked butternut squash, cooked collard greens and pan seared cubed steaks.  Tesla has tried to lour us into nap land - doesn't he look comfortable...


  1. Fingers crossed the flea treatment works! What a nightmare to have to deal with.

  2. That's a very cute cat! I hope the flea treatment works for Amelia.

  3. Those are beautiful weeds.

    Quite a few years ago, I looked up natural remedies for dealing with fleas and came across giving your pets brewer's yeast powder in their food. I've been mixing about 1 tsp. in the mix of about 2 c. dry and 1/4 can wet for our 4 feline girls, fed once a day, and no fleas. They seem to love the brewer's yeast and it is good for them. I sometimes squeeze some fish oil from a capsule into their food too as that is great for their coats. Do your own search. We are not into modern medicine and go with herbs, essential oils, and natural ways for healing our bodies as much as possible.

    It is amazing how cats can sleep just about anywhere and make it look comfortable. It looks like he could slide off there easily.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Where do you buy Brewers Yeast? We are willing to try anything especially if it doesn't cost an absolute fortune like these chemicals do and we can get away from the chemicals. I wish I knew more about herbs myself.

  5. Becky, If your battling fleas in your carpet inside your home..Table Salt works magic..sprinkle plain old table salt on floor before going to bed, and vacumn up next day when you have time...make sure you empty vacumn outside..repeat if necessary..Works Great, and better than flea bombs adding chemicals inside the home...
    As for the animals themselves we use Advantage once a month between shoulder blades where they can't lick it or rub off

  6. I've never had flea issues (and I am grateful)with any of my pets so I don't have any words of wisdom. I do hope you find an agreeable solution though.

    I love the ways of a sleeping cat. They are incredible. Do the fleas bother Tesla too? Or just the doggies?

    I've seen brewer's yeast at both the health food store and an a home (beer) brewing supply store.

    Good luck with the little buggers!


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