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Sunday, October 02, 2011

First "Fall" walk

We decided to dress warmly and take our first walk along the river since the weather has turned a bit cooler. Even in a sweater and jeans it felt crisp and cool but we had a lovely walk. Scott showed me where the tree had come down on one of the street lamps from where a beaver had chewed through a large tree. Nature always amazes us.

Wild Blue Ageratum
The Blue Ageratum was everywhere and looked so intense in the sunshine; and the surface of the river just glistened. So like diamonds...
Crystal Clear River that shown like diamonds.
My camera just kept flipping this last picture this direction; I could have "fixed" it with Gimp but decided to let it be. The colors of Fall are not anywhere near the intensity of those that I grew up with in Upstate New York... so long ago. I miss those colors on the hill across from the farm and walking down the hill to the crick with the tree's over hanging the road with leaves falling gently all around me as I walked with the dogs.
Fall leaves on the boardwalk.


  1. Love your fall walk pictures, I love fall!

  2. Autumn is probably my favorite time of year. So many lovely colors. I also look forward to a slower time of year. More time for river walks and less time weeding the garden! Nice photos.


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