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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wintery Storm means cold rain and possible ice..

The upper part of the state is getting snow but as usual we are getting only rain that with tonights drop in temps will bring ice, NO FUN. The squirrels that visit our feeders are really packing it in this morning.

Yesterday we went up to our land to see how everything was doing up there. There was a tree FULL of buzzards that flew off before I could get the camera out - down right creepy. But as with all living creatures they have their purpose in keeping life balanced on this Earth so it was still a joy to see them all together like that. These are the pictures that I did take up there.

I need to look up thistles as we have so many different types up there. And we discovered in front of the old cabin thats falling apart there are a bunch of daffodils coming up; we spotted about 6 buds. I'm so anxious to get up there to see what else is growing around that old place.
I will be leaving the old gateway section as I just find it so appealing to walk through. Perhaps creating a flower garden around it.

And because I love my Buick I took a couple pictures of it as well...
This has been THE BEST car for traveling as we aren't totally wore out when we get to our destination.

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