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Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was sent some of this "ugly" fabric to make something out of it and then send it back as something lovely.

I really had to dig through my bins to find fabric that would go with it as I am NOT buying any fabric in 2010 - I have to use up this stash. Once I found 3 other fabrics to match I got started and then decided that I was going to use up every bit of her ugly fabric to send back as I didn't want any left to be added to my stash that I am trying to work my way out of.... so... I started sewing and sewing and sewing.... here are the results:

A HUGE tote bag with pockets on both interior sides and a magnetic snap closure.

A make-up bag (it's lined with the ugly fabric)

And a wallet that snaps closed and has places for pictures at the top; a zipped compartment for money and slots for credit cards at the bottom.

I may have a few bits of her fabric left but not enough to make my stash look larger so I'm done. I'll be mailing these items back to her now and I hope that she enjoys them. Now to find a box.. hmmmmm...

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