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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sun is Shining

It's going to be a beautiful day outside so I can see a walk in our future. Amelia will love that. The birds and squirrels sure are busy with romancing each other this morning; perhaps that means we can look forward to an early Spring - I'm not holding my breathe on that though as we still have February to get through and that is when we usually get hit with an ice storm.

I awoke with a horrid headache - same spot as last time - left side of my head right above my eye. Feels like someone hammered something into my skull. OUCH! Hopefully it will go away soon so that I can thoroughly enjoy today's beauty.

The bearded iris are up in the front yard and I am thinking about transplanting them to pots or straight on up to our property. I so want to get us up there.

The banks and Post Office are closed today in observants of Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday. I'm sure the Retail folks are also taking advantage of people having a long weekend to offer up "stuff" at a discount. I'm sick of "stuff". I need to go through all our "stuff" and de-clutter - keep only the things we actually USE and/or enjoy and let go the rest thats just in the way. We definitely don't want to move all this "stuff" and "things".

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