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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010 Begins!

It's the first day of a brand new year and we can put 2009 behind us. I'm going to walk our yard today and make notes about what I want to make cuttings from and what can be divided to make new plants that we can move up to our land. I'm thinking about using sections of PVC to identify where we are planting things since we aren't up there to watch things daily. When we planted the little Persimmon trees we just grabbed some pieces of wood we had up there in a stack but they aren't labeled as to what they are in anyway.

Yesterday I bought some zippers to make some make-up bags to have in my future Etsy shop; I plan to open it in February. I want to have about 25 items made and ready to sell before I open it up and I am trying to come up with a good shop name. Something that will cover baby, children and women's accessories. I was thinking about a "shower" theme but then thought of all the things that I'd like to make and sell and they aren't all shower related. The majority will be infant and toddlers though - HMMMmmm... gotta think some more. While I was at Jo-Ann's I also bought some patterns that were on sale and bought 2 of each - one for me and one for Mom. I'm not planning to make doll clothes to sell on Etsy since Mom is but I would love to be able to sew some up for gifts for the little girls that will be in my life's path in the future.

Day before yesterday Scott and I went to the Old Mill Antique mall and I found 6 cookbooks that just had to come home to be part of my collection. One I may give to Robin (sister) as it's basically the same as another and they are big meat eaters so I figured they would enjoy a MEAT cookbook. I LOVE the OLD company backed cookbooks - I got one from Bisquick and 2 from Spry - a shortening company. Lots of wonderful made from scratch recipes. I know Bisquick is a mix but it's been around like forever- at least in my life time.

Yesterday I made Beef Stroganoff from a recipe out of one of the meat cookbooks. It's the same recipe that I used to make up on the farm in NY as a teenager - YUMMY!!!!!! We have plenty of leftovers for tonights supper. Midday dinner we will be going over to Scott's Moms' for the traditional New Years meal - pork, black-eyed peas, collard greens and corn bread. YUM! We will miss Greg's banter but he is having an absolute BLAST in Gulfport, Mississippi with his friends. I'm glad they pitched together and bought him the bus ticket.

Last night we went to Lowes for a new filter for Scott's Shop Vac and we looked at appliances just for pricing purposes. We were shocked to see that they didn't have any slide in ovens. And there was SO MUCH stainless and black appliances - YIK! I don't care if it's whats in - YUCK YUCK YUCK! And so pricey!

Time to get this day started.

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