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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rebuilding America

As I listened to our Presidents address last night all I could do was shake my head in agreement. We as American's have to work together to rebuild this Country. We've got to produce more here and export more than we are importing in from other Countries. Small Business owners need to be supported as they grow their business to rebuild the local economy. We've got to hold each other up and work together to get things back on track. As President Obama said last night - HE alone can not make the changes that need to happen to get us to a state of Recovery. We as Americans have got to start working together again to make things happen on a local level. Everyone that is afraid of change will keep us right where we are now and I for one am not living a safe and secure life as I feel that I should at 45 years of age; we have GOT to be willing to let changes happen. Growth is change... lets bring on the changes!

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  1. I think it's amazing you guys have such an inspiring President who talks sense.

    Our Prime Minister doesn't seem to have it in him any more. He seems to be terrified of taking any action to help inspire us to solve the problems and is very much worried by public opinion. Not good.


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