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Sunday, January 03, 2010

OH MY! 18*F this morning!

It is most definitely Winter here in South Carolina! I'm staying in the house today! The birds at the feeder this morning are quite fluffed up and looking miserable. I will let Amelia (dog) into the bonus room to eat her breakfast.

I've nearly completed cleaning up my sewing room. I have one small pile on the floor of items that need to be put away. There is a corner of the room stacked with fabric and yarn and that is where I will start working my way through my stash. I have fabric in there for clothes for myself and family as well as cottons for quilts. And the yarn is mostly my cotton kitchen yarns for baby wash clothes and dish towels. Once I get worked through that I will start on the stacks out in the bonus room - I've lost count on how many containers (LARGE containers) I have of fabric and yarns. I most definitely need to just stay home and sew, knit and crochet! It really is flat out ridiculous! Perhaps I will own up to it with pictures in a future post. It will HAVE to be titled... My name is Becky and I am a Fabric-holic!

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