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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just a sitting around day...

I just can't seem to find even an ounce of energy today to do anything. Not sure if we are coming down with something or we're just being lazy. Both Scott and I have done not one thing today except prepare breakfast and clean up the kitchen. It's just so cold we don't want to be outdoors and things inside are not exciting us to move. Just a "veggie" day I guess.

I did copy out some crafting ideas from the magazines that I had checked out of the library and I'm putting them in a "gift giving crafts" binder. Lots of fun ideas.

I've been reading blogs and checking some of the News sites... just burning up time.

Went to bed at about 4:30 and just got back up at 6-ish. I just couldn't keep my eyes open which has me believing that my body is fighting something off. I'll probably be up all night now.

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