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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Another morning below freezing...

I'm still trying to figure out if I'm still in South Carolina or not; GEEZ! This weather is so much colder this year... bright side is that it's killing off some bugs that would aggravate us later this year and I am getting more inside things done. Yesterday all I managed to get done though was most of the laundry and an hour and a half nap in the afternoon. Got to feeling not so good but am feeling much better this morning.

Greg is getting ready to leave for his drill weekend. He needs to loose some weight and get more exercise so that he can pass his next PT test in June or July. So he has been asking me for smoothy ingredients and other low-cal full of vitamins foods. Perhaps we will all get in shape.

OH WAIT... I did sew up a couple more light and dark quilt blocks.

I'm thinking about creating a border like this using these little blocks to go around the rainbow squares quilt top that I made awhile ago. I think it would look pretty cool like this.
I am SO enjoying sewing in my beautiful crafting space once more. I do want to repaint this room in a more EARTHY color - perhaps a cool mossy green or a light beige - still thinking on that one. I won't be painting in there until we have changed out the windows and fixed the sheet rock where we had a leak and updated the wiring - so basically I have time!

Scott has returned to the ranks of the Unemployed; yesterday was his last day on the Temp job we thought was going to last until March. OH well - we will make it. He has some leads on jobs so with any luck at all he will have something soon.

I better get this day started!

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