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Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Here it is Monday again and of course there is a lot to do around here. Scott is going to call about a job that he applied for and I'm going to catch up on the housework and hopefully get some sewing time in.

Yesterday we went to Bi-Lo and got a bunch of groceries that should last us well into February if I am careful and we eat every leftover. Creativity will come into play as well and I'm sure there will be homemade bread in our future - SHUCKS! I am thoroughly enjoying cooking from scratch once more and I truly believe that we are saving more money because of that. I believe that my entire income was being spent on frivolity, eating out and non-essential goods. Just reviewing the check book ledger will verify that with all the purchases at Jo-Ann's, various restaurants, additional "work" clothes and gas we were spending MORE outside the home than I was making. CRAZY!

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  1. Do the math with this article...


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