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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nick's Turn

This morning Nick decided that it was his turn in front of the space heater that we use to take the chill off in whatever room we are in at any given moment. There is no point heating up the entire house - couldn't afford that anyway. You will also notice that it is an excellent foot warmer as well (don't worry no one see's my legs in winter outside the house; I promise they will be more presentable in the Spring).

Once you are warmed up you just move further away - at least that is what the cats do.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was trash day for our end of the neighborhood and our "patrolman" (Tesla) had such a job - letting us know when each truck went by - Recycling, trash. leaf pick-up and the large item truck all went around and he had to run from window to window and get up on my desk to let us know about them all. Such a busy boy!

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