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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Garden Planning

OK... according to the websites that I have checked our last frost is supposed to be April 17th so I need to go through our seeds and see when I need to get them started so we can have them ready to set out by April 17th. I am determined to have a nice garden this year. I need to get the one bed ready for the items that will arrive from Gurney's at the beginning of March (horseradish, asparagus and rhubarb) but it's so stinking cold out there that I get to feeling ill every time I'm out in it. Perhaps after the first half of February things will warm up a little and I can get out there.

I'm also thinking about growing winter squash in the front yard and letting it go crazy out there - I wonder what the neighbors will think... I don't really care as we LOVE winter squash - Butternut especially. I wish we had more trees close to the street to shade it to keep the heat down out there. That black-top really puts off the heat when it's 100* and more. I've always thought it crazy not to have shade trees on every street.

It is 23*F here this morning - and they are claiming that by next week we will be back in the 60's... CRAZY WEATHER! Bright note is I will be able to open the house up for a good airing out. I don't understand people letting nasty air stay in their homes when the weather is nice. All those germs that build up... YUCK! I'm going to start my Spring washing down on March 1rst where I will go through the entire house and wipe down walls and baseboards with vinegar water and clean windows. Before then I will be going through our "STUFF" and thinning us WAY down. Not sure if I will have a yard sale or just offer stuff up on Freecycle but I want to get a bunch of crap out of here. I'm not moving all this stuff when the time comes thats for sure! And less stuff means less to clean around too.

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