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Saturday, May 03, 2008

It all started yesterday!

Yesterday morning I had a slight sore throat and it has snow balled into a horrendous bug. I worked 6 to 6 yesterday; Was going to leave at 5 but my night person called off 10 minutes before she was due in and I had to call someone else to come in and close. If I hadn't been able to reach her I would have probably ended up staying until closing.... 11 last night. UGH! Time for some re-evaluations on employees. I'm just hoping that I recover enough by tomorrow to lead the training session tomorrow night. Thankfully I am off today and can rest.

Last night Lenora called to let my know that she had her baby girl yesterday at 2:30. I wish I had been feeling better to talk with her longer but I was exhausted and my throat hurt so bad to talk.

I'm going to get something to drink and sit in the den for awhile now... just too tired to stay online any longer.

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