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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WOW! It's 11 AM

I guess they Benadryl kicked in ... I took that at about 5:30. Made breakfast for Scott and then climb back in bed and just now got back up. I feel a bit better too.

I want to go by the library and the post office this morning. I've all ready put dishes and clothes over in the machines so they can run while I'm out. I think I will make a chicken dish for dinner tonight.

Just made plans to go up and visit Mom and family on Thursday. I'll take her Mother's Day and the items I have for the girls for their Summer fun bags up then. Postage would be cheaper but I'm missing my family real bad so will make the drive up to see them.

Scott is in Commodity Meetings all this week so he is pretty much unreachable through the day unless he can catch a minute to call me.

Well time to head over to the library.

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