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Friday, May 23, 2008


This morning "Rush" L. was going on and on about how our founding fathers would be so upset with us for taking a step back and reviewing our drive for "success" and "prosperity" and reassessing values. I'm one of those that is struggling with this constant drive for more more more... more production, increasing sales, consuming goods... I'd be happy to be debt free and living a quiet existence doing things that I find pleasurable and not fueling the American Engine of Excess. I feel like I'm stepping out of a dream some days wondering how I ever got pulled into the Consumer life. Like right now I'm sitting here with windows open listening to the birds outside starting their day of existence. Such a calming soothing sound... had a quiet breakfast talk with Scott over a meal we prepared together before he left for work. Oh to not owe money! So he and I could work on projects together.

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