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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Up earlier than I expected

My back was giving me fits so I just got up; I've taken an Advil and am just waiting on it to start working. I may go back to bed in a bit as I don't have to be over to the store until 1 today... YEAH!

There is laundry... EVERYWHERE! It is a never ending battle to stay ahead of the laundry and housework when I am working so many hours. I'll start on it all in a little while as I don't want to wake Scott gathering it all up right now.

Tomorrow I am off from work and I have plans to complete some scrapbook pages for Julia's album and then I may work out in the garden as it is so overgrown right now that it's depressing. I would love to clean it out and then beef up the beds for winter and re-do the walkways with mulch. That way next Spring we could focus on having a nice garden. Tomorrow we may also pull down more paneling and put up some more sheet-rock... LOTS of ideas on ways to use a day off and get this place closer to selling.

I'm thinking I could sleep again so I'm going back to bed!

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