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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last Week

Today starts my last week with Jo-Ann's! YEAH! I walked in there yesterday to pick up a magazine on cottages and bungalows to find Barbara the only one up front with lines everywhere. I got on the PA and started calling for back-up. Barbara just won't do it and when I did I found out why... a bunch of sour faced people came out from where ever they were with bad attitudes. LORD HELP THEM! Amanda needs to learn some kinder gentler methods soon! And they all need to learn to loose the sour attitudes; I dread how things will go without me there to turn them around when sour attitudes appear and they just build on each other. No wonder I feel so exhausted... there sure is a lot of negative vibes there. OH WELL... one more week and it won't matter! Well it's off to work now!

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