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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun Afternoon!

Yesterday when I got off from work Scott and I went up to our property and then visited with Michael McGinnis. He took us up to see his new "camp" back in the woods and it was SO QUIET and peaceful! Such a beautiful spot. It was fun walking about the property. I was so tired that I wasn't very verbal but that seemed ok with Scott and Michael. Every time we go up to our property we see something different in the animal world. This time it was a tiny woodpecker working on a tree in the edge of our woods. I am SO ready to build up there! While I am home I plan to start on the down sizing of belongings and will haul a bunch of stuff over to His House to donate. Or I may just call Children's Hospital to come pick it all up; either way I can get a tax write off slip. I would try to have a yard sale but we have never made much at them for all the work involved in putting it together. Well.... time to throw some clothes on and get over to the store... day 2 of my two weeks notice.. only 13 more to go!

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