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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It's one of those mornings that I'm going to REALLY need coffee to get moving. I feel like I'm dragging bad... I think it has to do with the allergic reaction to those cinnamon scented pine cones that came in. Yesterday I worked nearly all day right next to them and my head is killing me! I took an Alavert but that was after the congestion started. AH... COFFEE is READY!

Trying to empty the stock room out before I leave and cleaning it up some... it won't stay that way though; I've tried and tried but it's like what I say falls on deaf ears. I look at all situations like they are huge puzzles... all the pieces are there you just have to find the ones that fit together best. It seems that it is not easy for everyone; and anyone under 30 can't seem to clean properly either. I worry where the earth will be in another 20 to 30 years if the young people aren't taught respect again and soon. Everyone is given TOO much these days and they feel it's a RIGHT to have more things and to do whatever it takes to have MORE THINGS! For crying out loud it's just THINGS and CLUTTER and it will eventually take over and become out of control. Having people in our lives to share adventures and like interests is much more important than things. What's that old saying... "Money can't buy you happiness!" A person can live "simply" with few things and be much happier than a Millionaire. I've lived at different levels of income and I think I was happiest when I had more "time" than money.

Enough on that rant! Scott is to travel to Texas next week so my final week at Jo-Ann's won't disrupt our comings and goings much. I'm looking forward to some time off the week after that.

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