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Monday, October 08, 2007

Organizing and using

Yesterday I swept and mopped the den and kitchen and dusted like crazy... it looks so much better. Then I started organizing my crafting supplies. I got a bunch of beads into the storage boxes that I bought for them and I sorted a bunch of yarn so all my specialty yarns are in one big tub and regular worsted is in another and kitchen cotton is in yet another. I also came across some tatting thread and size 10 cotton thread for doilies. I have got to use some of this stuff up before I buy anymore thats for sure.It's like a treasure hunt every time I work in sewing room.

I could not wind down last night so it was after 11 when we went to bed and now I'm dragging. I will need to jump in the shower if I'm to get ready for work on time this morning. SO SLEEPY!

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