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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life's Pathway(s)

Life... how far have YOU come? This photo was taken when I was in New York in September. It's the view of the farm I grew up on from the "lower place". I have memories of summer evenings bringing the cows home from the lower place. Even as a 7 year old little girl it was my job to turn the heard once they reached the lower gate just across the narrow one car bridge. Nothing like having 30 to 50 full grown Gurnsey cows coming at you to build strength. I have come so far since leaving this place and yet the memories stay with me... some good some BAD beyond belief but I choose to remember the good times there anymore as the other is really just a waste of possible positive energy. I need to learn to look at the positives from my recent history as well and move on.

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