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Friday, October 26, 2007

TGIF!!!! And it's RAINING!

Yeah! We are finally getting a nice steady rain. I could SO sleep in this morning! But no I have to be at the store at 8 and today we are to get 512 cartons! UGH! Again I will have to make miracles happen to get it into the building. I don't understand people that can't see progression... or the importance of making things happen in a logical order. Yesterday I was called to ask about something to do with paperwork and I told them the importance needed to be on the freight with such a HUGE truck arriving today... they just didn't get it and when I got there at 1:30 I had to go to the bank as they had decided there wasn't time to get change in the morning and when I got back the AM Manager decided to leave early. NO dedication to work, lack of drive and no sense of urgency at all. I've got to learn to instill these values into my employees or I will continually about kill myself to get the job done.

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