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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Greg's Opposum!

Greg came out of his room this morning to report a opposum had climb up into his window and scared the daylights out of him last night. I'm surprised he didn't wake us up but both Scott and I were just exhausted. Scott is preparing for the Texas trip and is working LONG days trying to get all the traveling plans together. I wish that I could go with him as I have always wanted to visit Texas; maybe another time.

I'm working long days trying to get the store in tip top shape before I leave so the girls aren't struggling completely with catching up. Hopefully they will develop the skills to get it done without me there. They may all just up and move on too. I feel really bad leaving but I've got to make a change for my family and myself. I'm just so exhausted and stretched so thin; sometimes I feel like one more thing will make me snap and send me into a nervous breakdown and that is not good at all. I have made some wonderful friends at Jo-Ann's and I will miss them all immensely.

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