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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A project finish and just daily "stuff"

First I want to share this photo of a little paper purse that I just completed. The purse is made out of paper and the attachments and decorations are made of paper, plastic and metal. I absolutely LOVE IT! This little purse would make an extra special gift card holder or just a special way to wrap up something sweet for a friend. The flap is held closed with a small bit of stick on velcro and the bag is fully lined.

After work today - which by the way did NOT contain a section that just needed a little clean up and "finessing" but a COMPLETE tear down and rebuild. I got it done and it looks real nice but I'm never going to believe them again. ANY HOW... I had a nice lunch with Robin (sister) and her 2 kiddos (Gwen and Drake) at Atlanta Bread Company. I had a half turkey and bacon sandwich and an antipasto salad; diet lemonade and then an ABSOLUTELY sinful dessert that probably ran my sugar level straight to the moon but I deserved it after that "easy" reset. I think it was called "Snicker's Cheesecake"... talk about decadent.

I took a nice hour long nap once I got home and now Scott is taking a nap as well... it's become a regular thing for us to get an afternoon nap. Does this mean we've reached "OLD"?


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  2. When I have a stressful day of school I take a power nap before the kids get home!

  3. About the nap all the most creative and brilliant people in the world were known to take a nap that is a historical fact.
    Love the purse and I am truly drooling over your lunch.:) B

  4. Becky, I just love that paper purse, it's so pretty and, yes, would make a gorgeous little gift holder.
    Naps are good! Hmmmm, we must be getting old then too - because we like them as well :D)


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