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Friday, June 29, 2012

Card Completed and fire

First I completed the card that I started yesterday and I made a short video showing it's details...

We had some not so nice excitement today with a fire at the Recycling Plant not far from our house. Here is a link to a Local Stations photos... WLTX . The air quality is awful and it didn't help a bit that it got up to 108*F here today; I felt so bad for those Firemen. We drove by a little while ago just after 9 PM and they were still hosing it down. It's a real mess.


  1. Tonight we heard fireworks going off and I looked at hubby and said " REALLY, people have to be told it's to dry to set fireworks off" ...Most of Indiana has canceled fireworks and set fines for those who shoot them off..... Not Michigan..people truly have no common sense!!!!
    We had .25 inches of rain today is what news said....

  2. That looks a bad fire; that smoke was so thick and black and there was so much of it! I can see why the air quality wasn't very good :-(

  3. Oh Becky that is a beautiful card. Oh my there is a lot of fires around it makes me so sad. I hope the temperature goes down and it rains for everyone soon.I cannot believe your temps that must be hard. We have a lot of wind and not much humidity but I am in the tractor most of the time so I would not notice.Take care and try to stay cool. B


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