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Friday, June 01, 2012

A "little peak" for Amelia

Now that I know a package I mailed to South Africa has made it there and will be in the hands of a new online friend I thought I'd post a little peak for Amelia as to what she will be picking up at her Post Office tomorrow....
I didn't say it would be a clear peak... she has to have some fun tomorrow and it's all wrapped in paper too.
OK... now that she has commented.... here is the photo unaltered...
I sent her laces, trims, appliques, heart shaped yo yo's a scissor holder made out of a pot holder, 2 boxes she can alter, a journal and matching note cards, some canvas ATC's, gold foil tape, some glittery confetti and a hand made card. I'm sure I've forgotten some things as I added more after taking this photo. She has a couple video's on you tube of her exploring her "goodies" and


  1. Your such a teaser! lol

  2. I'm sure Amelia is in for a great surprise! Thanks for your comment on my post!

  3. hahahaha thank you so much , I was so sad , made a whole video, unwrapping everything and doing a lot of oh my goshes and such then had to do a few videos, and one got missing , youtube just swallowed it :( ugh but thankyou , thank you so so much *bounce * made you another fairy and if you get both it is ok , give one to someone hehe , cant wait for you to get your stuff xxx lots of hugs xxxx


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