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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A dozen Random Photos from my desktop...

Thought I'd write a quick post before I go to bed (I took a LATE nap and am now wired for sound).

Tesla always knows when my legs hurt.

We need to walk by the River at dusk again.

MMMMmmmm... my meatloaf

A little visitor that came by one day and then we never saw him again.

Me several years ago in Ashville, NC

Eggs in a bowl my sister, Robin made for me... LOVE THAT BOWL!

Before our World collapsed and we were excitedly remodeling.


A flower that blooms just once a year by our garage.

Me .. again several years ago on our 10 acres in the country.

OH if you could see this now! Scott restored this and it looks like new.


  1. Great photos Becky! Your meatloaf looks absolutely delicious :-)

  2. Love love love seeing bits and pieces of your life Becky. I wish you did not have to work so hard. Take care of yourself in the heat. You are one special lady. HUgs B


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