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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is it Friday Yet?

Card in process
This has just been one of those weeks when I've been wishing for Friday. Scott went to the Doctor today; poor guy has a sinus infection and to speed his healing along they gave him a shot in the bum so now he feels bad with a sore cheek. We both took nice naps once all the prescription running around was taken care of and have had dinner so now it's just time to relax before we go to bed for the evening. I've started working on a card to send to someone to add a bit of cheer to her mailbox. I'm really enjoying the card crafting and paper craft projects. It's truly amazing what can be made of paper. 

Just wanted to let everyone know that next week may be quite light on posts as I am working some bizarre hours as we are completely shifting the lay out of the center of the store with entire aisles changing places... gonna be CRAZY! But when we are done the whole new look will be amazing. I will be exhausted but it will be from good honest work.

This weekend we are expecting temps in the 100's (*F) - so not looking forward to those temperatures. When they start getting up that high I wish to be on the other side of the World where it is "winter"... we can't always have everything "perfect". We've had a really mild Spring/Summer so far so it was inevitable that the REAL heat would arrive with July.

Scott and I spied our first pumpkin! It is on the vine that I started from seed. Greg's plants are growing like crazy and I fear that they will take over the entire garden and half the back yard but we are going to let them "grow". Should be interesting he informed us that they are a mixture of winter squash, melons AND pumpkins so we will see what we get. We also spied some tomatoes on our vines and are so glad they are going to produce this year. Mulching makes a WORLD of a difference that is for sure.

With Scott recovering and the heat we will most likely stick close to home and indoors. He needs to rest to recover and I need to rest to prepare for next weeks EARLIER starts - have to be to work at 4 AM.... let the FUN begin.

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  1. Both of You need to take it easy..My Dh worked in 102 degree temps today..needless to say he was exhausted when he got home and not really hungry...I have been sneezing and sinus drainage all day...We took it easy tonight watching some TV programs...


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