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Friday, June 22, 2012

Glorious Morning

I've been able to sit here at my desk and watch the sun come up this morning and even turned the A/C off so I could open the front door and listen to the birds starting their day.

Today I am going to help some friends in their hay field; something I haven't done in years but I fling freight at work so I'm used to the physical labor. My only concern is getting enough to drink and I plan to pick up a bag of ice and some water and Gatorade to have in a cooler. And some fruit for a snack so I don't have a drop in blood sugar while working.

The other day I mailed the little box of handmade items off to it's winner in the UK (Congrats again Lou) and I got an estimate on the postage for the larger package to go to South Africa - gotta save my money for that one.

I've made a little progress on the beaded needle-case but need to get busy as I have 4 to make and I don't want the "swappees" to think I've forgotten them. I will work on this one some more this morning. It's not perfect but I think it is still turning out quite pretty. I will switch colors around on each one so they are all a bit different.
While Scott and I were at work Greg snapped this picture of this huge lizard on the side of our house. I wish he'd gotten a little closer up but I'm sure the thing would have took off if he had. I think it is a Broad Headed Skink but I can't be sure.

I better get my day started.

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