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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stir- fry and Shopping my stash...

Night before last I made a quick beef stir fry and some steamed rice for dinner using a small round steak cut into narrow strips. My God that meat was chewy! Oh well it nurished our bodies and didn't cost a whole lot but a lesson relearned - simmer the meat longer before adding it to the vegeatbles. It looked pretty...
and tasted fine but was a lot of work chewing it up.

Yesterday I had planned to do a ton of sewing but it turned into a laundry mountain tackling day and errands. But TODAY we are staying close to home and I'm sewing! Scott brought a co-workers computer home with him to work on so he will be occupied with that while i am sewing. I did "shop" my stash and found a few more pieces for Phoenix and Dougie's quilts.
Tub of flannel prints
I was able to find a few more with green in them for Phoenix's quilt...
I have decided against using the Pooh bit since it has pink on it.

The first thing I'm going to try to tackle is a complex quilt block for one of the quilt block swaps I'm behind on...
I've been putting this one off as I don't have labeled Civil War reproductions in my stash so I'm going with what I can find in my stash that closely looks like these prints and hopefully it will look close enough to be satisfactory. I'm hoping the block will just turn out "so stunning" that the actual fabrics won't matter as much... finger's crossed.

So much to do... I better get started!

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