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Sunday, November 06, 2011

So I'm cooking dinner.....

Don't you just love it when your husband comes in and says he needs your "input on safety" right when you are putting a meal in the slow cooker? To which I replied... "Can you give me about 15minutes and what are you doing anyways?"... "trimming on trees". So I quickly got everything into the slow cooker and turned it on and went out to see what he was up to; well he decided to deal with the Magnolia tree branch that has been hitting the roof above our bedroom and it was hanging half on and half off the tree... he didn't "WAIT". So I told him to get some weight off the branch before cutting anymore. We got it down and then decided to take some more branches off to open up the area so more sun can get to my hydrangea and camellia that I had planted near the fence to the neighbors in the hopes that they'd bloom better next year. I didn't get any "before" pictures because I had no idea what was going on when "it began". But here is what the area looks like now...
You can see the cut on the Magnolia where the huge branch came over and blocked the sun over the flower bed next to the neighbors. I trimmed the hydrangea back but left the camellia 'leggy' until after it blooms as I don't remember if it is a pink one of a white one as I started several types years ago and can't remember what was planted where. I guess I need to start keeping a Gardeners Journal so that I can know what is planted where. 
We dragged all the trimmings to the street and the City will probably have to send out the large truck with the grabber on it to pick it all up.
Scott also trimmed a little on some of the trees in the front yard so the pile is quite high and long.

I just about got all the laundry tackled and that's about it - so much for house cleaning. I took a mid-morning nap and then made a trip to the Post Office to drop a few bills in the box and then I stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics as they had notions on sale and I needed some more quilting needles for my machine as well as some hand embroidery and beading needles. I also picked up some tailors chalk as I am planning to sew some clothes over the next couple of weeks.

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