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Monday, November 28, 2011

Creating Day Sunday

Yesterday I made 3 more cards so I have just one more left to make. Of course I may make more  before Christmas if the urge stikes.

Cookie Tray I'm taking into work today.
I also started baking goodies to have here at home as well as to take into work. I mixed up some Butter Cookies and the dough for those is in the fridge as it has to be well chilled before you roll them out to cut into shapes. I'll be baking those once I get off work this morning. I also made a double batch of Fluffo Brownies and a batch of Oatmeal Krinkles.

Today I am also planning to make some Chocolate Dipped Pretzels; they were a HUGE hit last year.

Then it will be sew, sew and more sewing so perhaps I will have some "peeks" of things I am working on as well.

Scott just served up an amazing breakfast so I better go eat. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


  1. Yummy! Your workmates are very lucky!

  2. I first loaded your blog and just kept staring at your cookies and brownies I could hardly pull myself away to read your post. It looks so good and I am now so hungry. Lucky work people.
    I love your cards and boy do I wish I lived close to you. B


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