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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Continual Drama

If it's not this...
It's an ambulance toting the 30 something Mother off to the hospital. This time I believe it's over the dog issue that they have going on with the lady across the street from me. OH! How I want to be on our 10 acres so bad. DRAMA DRAMA! I'm so thankful I'm living a much calmer life.

Which brings to mind.... I'M OFF FOR THE NEXT FOUR DAYS!!!! YIPPY SKIPPY! I can sew all I want and start wrapping gifts for Christmas. Perhaps I will actually decorate with a larger tree this year. HO HO HO......


  1. We are so lucky to live on a street of mostly older people and NO DRAMA! However..I would love to be way out in the country ...
    I'm so Happy for you to have the 4 days FREE from RETAIL! Put on some music and sew, bake, decorate, Just DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

  2. Wow! Four days in a row! Awesome! Have ever so much fun!


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