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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cat...Chilli both begin with "C"

Mr Tesla on the Kitchen floor
Someone was waiting in the sunshine for me to arrive home from work. I was a bit late; doesn't he look a little miffed? To make matters worse I wouldn't dole out snacks until Nicholas came back home and he didn't come home until Scott came home after 5... the poor thing was just going to "STARVE".

I worked over 2 hours today because the system viciously added another two pages of "Negative on Hands" to this weeks totals AFTER I had finished the 4 pages and was entering them in when I noticed the skus weren't matching... UGH! Hopefully that will not happen again anytime soon. With those taking so long I wasn't able to accomplish anything on the other Inventory task that has been"given" to me - they are trying to make it sound like a "gift". I truly don't mind but I find it amusing how they word things sometimes.

After I came home and ate lunch I decided to brave the grocery and got that out of the way for this week. And I just put a pot of chili over to simmer for our dinner. We will have corn bread with it that Scott made last night instead of the rice we usually have with chili.
UGH! I've been up since 3 AM with no nap... I'm going to be out before my head ever reaches the pillow. Tomorrow I will be posting some crafting news.... I hope; depends on how the rat race goes tomorrow.


  1. your cat seems like ours~~ You, know we are on there time
    the chili looks yummy..

  2. And I always serve mine with cornbread. I might have to serve it over rice sometime. That sounds like a swell idea. I have put a bit of rice in my chili in the past, but never much.


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