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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Chow Chow in the Works

Green Tomatoes, bell peppers and onions
I ground the tomatoes, onions and bell peppers today and added 3 Tablespoons of Kosher salt and they will set in the refrigerator until tomorrow. Then I'll add more "good stuff" and cook it up and then can it in pint jars; last time I put it in jelly jars and it just didn't last long enough.

We decided to use 3 different types of onions and several types of hot peppers and some turning bell peppers to add a bit of fun color to this batch. I'll be adding the hot peppers tomorrow along with the spices, horse radish and vinegar. If anyone is interested I'll post the entire recipe tomorrow in case anyone wants to try making some themselves. This stuff is delicious on any beans and even on hot dogs.

I'm using Greg's GIANT cooking pot that Rachel bought for him to cook Lobster. When he moves out and takes it with him I will have to buy one for myself; that and a rice steamer.  This huge pot is perfect for this process and we love this Chow Chow; so it will definitely be made for many years in the future. I just need to get horseradish to grow somewhere on this lot as $4.99 per pound is a bit outrageous. Everything I've read says it will grow anywhere and can actually become quite a nuisance but so far I haven't been able to get a plant started here.

They asked at work if I'd come in and work tomorrow on my day off and I thought about it and decided I needed a day at home to put up the Chow Chow, catch up on the laundry and I've got to get my quilt swaps finished up and I'll be home. I will work over Thursday and Friday is they still need me to but tomorrow is MINE!

SO... The first sewing I do will be to fix this mess...
I've got to rip out some seams and fix my mess up! I'll post a picture once I get it "fixed".


  1. I am sure you will enjoy making the chow chow! I never tried chow chow like that - I am used to the Pennsylvania Dutch style. I hope you have a relaxing day doing what YOU want to!

  2. You've been busy..for a day off...~~HUGS~~

  3. Oh I could use that recipe. Looks and sounds great. B

  4. Me too. I want the recipe. Grandma used to make chow-chow and piccalilly(sp?). Wish I'd copied her recipes.

    I'd fix that quilt block too. Though, I've heard the old quilters had a flub in every quilt. If they neared the end and didn't have one, they'd make sure there was a mistake. Supposedly, the thinking was only God could create perfection.

    brenda from arkansas


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